Questions and answers about donating to AAP

Yes, this can be correct. When you donate via iDEAL or Tikkie you will see a different IBAN number than the number of AAP on your bank statement. iDEAL and Tikkie are applications of a bank and the amount is transferred to AAP via a suspense account of that bank.

Because tikkie/ideal is used for a lot of payment transactions it is not unlikely that scammers also operate with it. When you look up the IBAN number of the suspense account in google, you will therefore also see reports of scams. On the website of ABN-AMRO there is an explanatory video about this:

The Tikkie and iDeal applications are fortunately very reliable and your donation will arrive safely at AAP. Of course you can always contact us in case of doubt!

With a direct debit you give AAP an authorization to withdraw a pre-agreed amount once, monthly or yearly from your account. The debit is always carried out at the end of the month.

The direct debit can be arranged through the website, but also by letter or telephone. You will always receive a confirmation of the arrangements made by e-mail or letter. The direct debit can be cancelled monthly, with a maximum processing time of 7 days.

The costs for a direct debit are relatively low. Therefore AAP has a preference for paying by direct debit. AAP has received a direct debit permission from the Dutch bank. Of course AAP is responsible to keep to the agreements made and in case of gross negligence the license can be withdrawn.

AAP only debits money from your account with an authorization. This happens at the end of the month. The authorization is by email or letter is confirmed. Is there something wrong please always contact us by email or phone.

You can reverse a direct debit yourself via your own online banking. Go to the donation and choose the option «reverse». If you want to change your direct debit please let us know, by phone via e-mail or via the contact form on the website.

Did you donate via Tikkie, Ideal or a bank transfer please contact us by phone or email. We will only refund donations to the bank account from which the donation was made and when the request is made within a reasonable time after making the donation.